Getting Caught Up

19 Apr

I’m just getting caught up with reading the latest posts on Yacht Blogs. Nice to see the cruising life is continuing to be enjoyed and written about. And for those still in the yard, good to read of your ongoing progress :-)

I had intended to write some posts that might be helpful to for those looking to buy a trawler. No sales pitches, just generic information, helpful hints, and inside scoop. But, fortunately I have been too busy to write (for those who read my posts on other forums, I’ve been MIA there too.) So for the good news:

The trawler market continues to improve! I sold a new build Bering 60 with construction beginning next month. She will be spectacular when completed in 12 – 14 months. I closed on my Dutch 65′ steel trawler in New Orleans. The new owners will be leaving NOLA soon to take her to their home port in NJ for the summer before doing extended cruising this Fall. I also closed on a Great Harbour 37. Interesting story of clients for whom I sold their Pilgrim 43. Then they bought a Nordhavn 55 with plans to cruise the Med for a few years. They have found a wonderful harbor in Turkey and are calling it home. But, it’s been a little cold in the winter months so they were looking for a live-abord trawler for wintering in Florida. Their son has built a marina in New Orleans and they will dock the GH there while they are in Turkey the other 9 months a year. In the small world of boater coincidences, the Nordhavn/Great Harbour’s son’s RV Park-Marina was right next to the yard where my haulout was on the 65′ deAlms. Be sure to check out Pontchartrain Landing if you’re planning on being on the Gulf – it’s new and it’s nice!

So whew, explains my absence here I hope. But I’m determined to make some time soon for “Buying a Trawler” tips!

Keep up the blogwork – it’s so nice to read!



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  1. Jacob April 20, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Glad to hear business is booming!!!