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(1) Interesting Job

7 Mar

In my First Blog I said that (1) I have a great job and one that is interesting and diversified. Let me tell you why I think so:

Firstly, keep in mind that I have a sales job. But I’m selling YACHTS! Thank goodness I’m not selling coffins! This is happy stuff! Buying a boat is serious business, but yacht shopping and dream fulfillment is FUN and I get to be a part of it. At some point I’ll give examples of walking through my yacht shopping with clients, those who are totally new and uneducated, and those that are on subsequent boats.

Why do I sometimes call them yachts & sometimes they are boats? Sometimes they are vessels. That’s a post for another day. Maybe under the category of “sales pitch stuff…”

So here’s what my schedule has been for the last approx 8 weeks. At the beginning of January, I went to Port Canaveral for 2 day sea trial and survey on M/V Masterplan, a Hatteras 58 LRC. At the end of January, I went to Dunedin, Fl. for a sea trial and survey on a 36 Sabre. End of February, flew to Vancouver to list a Cape Horn 58, take pictures, assess value, etc. I leave next Wed. for a 2 day sea trial and survey on a boat in New Orleans.

Of course I have just given the bottom line. I could write a book on each of the one-line summations. Each boat different, each seller and buyer different. Each story from every side oh so interesting. And that’s nothing to speak of what the boats could say.

My First Blog

7 Mar

For years I have thought about blogging. Reasons why:

(1) I think I have a great job and one that is so interesting and diversified that I assume it would be of interest to others, particularly those yacht oriented.

(2) I sometimes have questions that aren’t necessarily appropriate for open forums and it would be nice to ask an opinion and get responses and feedback.

(3) I am currently being discussed on a forum on which I have been banned and it would be nice to have some means of providing a response to those who may be cross-over readers.

(4) I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer, as a previous cruiser, part-time live aboard, and as a yacht broker. Not sure if it’s my background in nursing (went to RN school but never worked as a nurse), of having a degree in Education (never worked as a teacher),  having a degree in writing (am a paid Writer and Reviewer for, or my maternal instinct (I have 4 children), but more likely it is just my basic nature of wanting to give, teach, and share that which has compelled me to post to various forums over the last 10 years or so on what I hope is helpful information.

I’m ready to test the waters so to speak. If there’s not much interest, I don’t want to waste my time. If I can be of help, ask your questions or let me know if you want me to free form or topic hop.  I’m known for being generous with my opinions, but I’m not interested in negativity.

Cast off lines!